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Due to the staggering infant mortality rates of Black babies in Kalamazoo County, Rootead’s doula collective was created as an advocacy and support group for birthing people of color. Now, Red Birth Green gets to bring that experience to the entire community via community centered, client driven care + Pay What You Can services!



It all starts with filling out our contact form. That lets us know that you would like to work with us! We will then contact you directly to set up a no pressure, 30 min, virtual meet + greet. This allows us to get to know you and vice versa. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions, learn about your support options and gather any information you need to make an empowered choice for your upcoming birth. Easy, right?!



After the virtual meet + greet, you will receive your support contract and payment details. As soon as we receive your deposit, we will get you scheduled for your first prenatal! This is when the magic begins. Whether it’s a birth planning session or full spectrum support, preparation class or support group, it brings us no greater joy than to witness the growth and evolution of becoming a Parent.



Now, let’s have this baby! This is where the work begins and the Red Birth Green Village is there for you every step of the way. Labor, birth and parenting are hard work, but you don’t have to go at it alone!


My Red Birth Green doula was by my side the entire time during my 36-hour labor and delivery. She was standing by my side making sure I had the most positive birth experience for myself. Not only that but she was a great resource on educating me so that I could make a decision for my birth plan that was best for myself and my family. In the hospital the medical staff are primarily concerned about the baby and mother’s physical health while she made sure to provide the emotional support I needed in addition to my physical. I was able to feel confident that I would be able to get through my delivery because of her and she will always be an integral part of my birth experience!

A. Moore

My wife had to be put under general anesthesia due to health concerns and both our Red Birth Green doula's and my role in the operating room were to be curtailed as a result. Needless to say, I was anxious. Our doula stood with me in the hallway for the better part of an hour, making small talk and reassuring me, keeping my mind as clear and focused as possible given the circumstances. When I entered the OR to meet my baby for the first time, she remained in the background while we bonded, documenting the situation with the pictures and videos that would invariably become priceless.

C. Crowley

My experience with my Red Birth Green doula was wonderful!! She loves what she does and it shows! She checked in with me on a regular basis, and made sure she had all the information she needed. My doula was very informative and gave me a lot of reading material and lessons that helped me out a lot, she made sure I understood everything during my pregnancy and delivery. She met with my doctor and introduced herself , she made sure she knew where she needed to be when it was time to deliver and she always made me feel calm. During delivery she was the best!! I didn’t have to ask for anything! She knew what was needed and what to do. She made everything seem so relaxed and easy. I highly recommend the Red Birth Green team!! You won’t regret it!

D. Townsel

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